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Is it really possible to thrive on a plant-based diet during pregnancy?  Registered Plant-based Nutritionist, and registered Master Herbalist, Candy Marx, shows that a wholefoods plant-based pregnancy is not only beneficial for mama-to-be, but for baby as well.  Having been through her own plant-based pregnancies, Plantfed Mama was founded to share vital nutritional and holistic information for vegan and vegetarian mamas, and for women who are interested in a plant-based pregnancy.

  • How pregnant women can thrive on a vegan diet (without being stuffed full of supplements).

  • How to get essential vitamins and minerals through food.

  • The difference between essential supplementing and wasteful supplementing.

  • How to prepare certain foods properly to increase nutritional value, and decrease mineral inhibitors.

  • Good carbs, good fats and proteins.

  • The link between morning sickness, painful breastfeeding and certain foods.

  • The link between certain foods, mineral deficiencies and gestational diabetes, stretch marks, edema and cramps.

  • The importance of gut-health, for mama and baby, and hard-to-digest foods to eat sparingly during pregnancy.

  • Vital holistic health information for a healthy body, mind and soul.

  • The spiritual connection mama has to her baby and how to nurture that connection.

  • Herbal remedies for pregnancy, delivery, post-care and baby.

  • Nourishing baby after birth and raising a compassionate, healthy, vegan child.



Having shocked her GP with her blood-work, Candy shows you how to not only eat a healthy plant-based diet during pregnancy but how to thrive.

Includes 75+ Plant-based Wholefood Recipes

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