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About CM Co

CM Luxury Copperware is ethically handcrafted in the USA using premium, pure, and 100% solid copper only. We do not use any copper blends, copper alloys, or copper plating. Copper is a natural purifier and powerful antibacterial, drinking from pure copper vessels possesses many Ayurvedic health benefits. Our new Arthur and Guinevere Range is out now. Check out the FAQs here.

CM Organic Loungewear is ethically made from 100% organic cotton and dyed using eco-dyes by a sustainable and renewable manufacturer in the UK. Like linen and hemp, the resonant frequency of organic cotton assists the body's natural energy field, rather than inhibits it, like most fabrics. When the body's energy field is distorted, it results in energetic blockages, and illness, and stunts spiritual growth and connection. What we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

Because words are energy and hold power, our copperware and loungewear are thoughtfully and energetically designed to help the user's inner and spiritual growth and holistic health.

We buy one hot meal for a homeless child with every item sold. Find out more here.

About Candy Marx

Candy Marx

Candy Marx is a Best-Selling Author, Writer, Inner and Spiritual Growth Facilitator and Content Creator (with an element of Travel and Poetry), and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Nutrition, Master Herbalism, and Immunology. She holds a Diploma of Human Nutrition, an Advanced Diploma of Master Herbalism, and a Certificate of Immunology. Candy also holds a Diploma of Journalism, a Certificate of Creative Writing, and a Certificate of Novel Writing. 


Born in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Candy is also an Intuition/Spiritual Mentor, a Mama of two, and an Award-Winning (former) Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur. She is also a Speaker and Creator on US-platform, BrightLive, on US-platform, Uptime, and is the founder of the holistic wellness company, Plantfed Mana, which she recently sold.

In late 2017, Candy became an Ambassador for W.I.R.E.S Wildlife Rescue. In 2020, Candy became an ambassador for Somavedic (use code 'peaceloveandcandy' for 10% off).

In 2021, Candy was 1 of 17 international changemakers that collaborated with BioCup and Rainforest Rescue, to promote rainforest conservation, particularly for The Daintree Rainforest.  Their designs were printed on millions of BioCups and distributed worldwide. Other changemakers include Ziggy Alberts, Camilla Franks, and Patty Mills.





In 2023, Candy founded We Are Love, a global platform to inspire connection, inner growth, wellness, mindfulness, healing, and love—to inspire people to love themselves and each other. Believing in the power of travel: travel is connection, travel is growth, and travel is love. This series shares valuable information and intimate stories from across the world. WAL is now, Inner Light Magazine, as part of Candy's site. Check it out here.

"The majority of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses are due to the absence of love—the absence of love signifies the presence of unhappiness, pain, trauma, disease, etc. After many years in the spiritual and holistic health space, I discovered that the often overlooked component of healing is love. 

Now, I am committed to sharing my findings and teaching life at an energetic level to inspire inner growth and healing, and to create change." 


Candy is a published writer for Nourish Magazine, and her work has been featured in national and international press, including The Sunday Telegraph (AUS), The Financial Review (AUS), The Dominion Post (NZ), Digital Journal (USA), Authority Magazine (USA), Ethical Style Journal (USA), Raise Vegan (USA), and The Times (USA), plus many more.

After spiritually mentoring many people around the world, Candy stepped into the role of Intuition Mentor, in which she developed a highly sought-after courseAdvanced Intuitive Communication Development.


A long-term wholefoods vegan (11 years and counting), she currently lives with her plant-based family in Australia.


"I made the connection between animals and my food when I was still quite young. I grew up on a self-sustained farm and our pigs, ducks, and chickens, in particular, were my best friends.  And quite frankly, I didn't want to eat my friends. I went vegetarian as a kid, which was at a time when vegetarians didn't really exist — well, not where I grew up.  Fast forward 15+ years to the start of my conscious vegan journey."


How do I define spirituality?


Everything is energy, and energy is frequency and vibration. For me, spirituality is life at an energetic level—feeling connected to that energy—and finding that connection back to yourself (Higher Self), and to each other. Then extending that connection to your surroundings: the Sun, the Earth, the Ocean, Nature—the Universe. Spirituality is love. And it's that journey that is the spiritual journey, which differs for everyone.


Spirituality doesn't necessarily mean worshipping unseen figures, but connecting back to each other and your true essence—your soul.

Candy Marx, Voices for the Rainforest_ed
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