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Where are your products made? All of our products are designed in Australia. Our copperware is ethically handcrafted in the USA. Our eco organic loungewear and journals are ethically made in the UK, by a renewable and sustainable manufacturer.

Where is your company based? We are based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Australia.

Where are your products shipped from? Currently, our copperware is shipped from Sydney, Australia. And we are looking into distribution partners in the USA and UK/EU for our international customers. Our loungewear is shipped via our distribution partners in the UK and USA (depending on your location). For shipping times, please see Shipping and Returns.

Is copper safe to drink from? It greatly depends on the quality of the copper. 100% pure solid copper (not copper alloys, copper blends, or copper plating) is perfectly safe when used correctly, and provides holistic health qualities when used properly. Unlike most, our copperware doesn't contain an inner tin or nickel lining, which provides 100% of the copper benefits.

What are the benefits of drinking from pure solid copper?  Copper exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and may assist with skin regeneration, strengthen the immune system, and promote healing. The water absorbs copper frequencies and when in the body, the copper helps the gut to absorb iron. A major sign of copper deficiency is anemia—iron and copper work side by side. Energetically, copper harnesses electrons and energy/lifeforce from the Earth, and helps cleanse and charge the body and energy field. For more info, please see Copperware FAQs.

Do you support any charities? Yes. With every order, we feed street/homeless children in Uganda. These children are as young as 12 months. Please see here for more information.

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