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Charge and energize your water with our luxury genuine Moscow Mule pure solid copper mugs! Ethically handmade in the USA, our copperware is made from 100% pure solid copper, with no tin lining or lining on the inside (like most), so you get all of the copper benefits.


In Ayurveda, copper is a purifying metal. Drinking copper-enriched water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) is said to help balance all three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). Copper-charging also helps to alkalize the water, and makes it taste better, too. 


Did you know? Iron deficiency and copper deficiency are often linked because the gut needs copper to absorb iron. If you have issues with your iron levels, you may be copper deficient. Water that has contact with 100% pure solid copper cups/mugs infuses into the water. Copper also has natural antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal material for storing and drinking water.


As a bonus, we also use the energetic power of words and frequency to help infuse and charge your water. By doing spiritual infusions and engraving LOVE onto our cups, your water will also be charged with LOVE and healing energy.


TIP: add a solid copper object to your pet's drinking water and watch, the dish won't turn green and slimy!


IMPORTANT: Copper is a conductor of heat and cold. If using for a hot drink, the mug will also become very hot. If using for a cold drink, the mug will become very cold. If using for hot drinks, please allow to cool before handling. Please use with caution.


Elevate your holistic hydration practice with our LOVE Mug and experience the holistic benefits of drinking from a luxury vessel crafted for your wellness.


Real copper does tarnish over time and is still safe to drink from. Cleaning is simple. Hand-wash only with warm soap, water, and a soft sponge/cloth. We recommend thoroughly drying your pieces after use as excess moisture can cause the pieces to tarnish faster. For detailed care and removing tarnish, please refer to our Copperware FAQs.

LOVE Pure Solid Copper Mug

  • Size: 475ml | 16oz

    Material: 100% Solid Copper


    Inside, no

    Outside, yes, a thin layer of food-safe lacquer is on the outside of our cups to protect the shine longer.

    Ethically hand-made in the USA


  • There are many different grades of copper because many manufacturers use copper blends, copper alloys, and copper plating. That is why the quality of copper is important. Drinking from 100% pure solid copper has Ayurvedic health properties and has been implemented for centuries. Maintaining your copper cups is important. We don't recommend using a copper water bottle, because when tightening the lid, the copper is scraping upon itself, which can leave tiny metal shards in your water. Other products like copper IUDs are foreign objects inserted into the body and contain plastic. Women have issues with this product because of the plastic, the quality of the copper, and because it's a foreign object inside the body. When the body detects foreign materials it does its best to eject it from the body. Please do not compare the issues women have had with copper/plastic IUD devices with drinking from 100% pure solid copper cups.

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