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The International Peace Project

The 1988 experiment, titled, The International Peace Project,* showed alleviating violent conflict by reducing societal stress in an underlying collective consciousness field. The study showed if we are at peace (the subjects were in unified Transcendental Meditation and strategically placed in different cities)—and genuinely feeling at peace, not just thinking about peace—it positively changed the energetic dynamics of their surroundings: crime rates dropped, and quality of life rose. When the subjects consciously stopped feeling at peace, crime rates rose, and quality of life decreased.

a peaceful dove, international peace project

According to the statistics, it only takes about one hundred people to change the energetic dynamics of roughly one million people. And about eight thousand people to change the energetic dynamics of about six billion people.

The unified subjects held the peace vibration. Something that we are more than well-equipped to do if we choose to. As the saying goes, heal yourself, heal the world.

Because everything is energy, frequency, and vibration, thoughts and feelings are energy, and energy can not be contained—energy permeates everything. In other words, when we are at peace, we emit peace energy and frequencies — we rub off on those around us. Let's do the inner work, embark on our healing journey, and be peace together.

(*The Journal of Conflict Resolution 32, no. 4, December 1988)


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